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Wow, I need to keep up...

2013-01-04 17:39:17 by Elevation10

OKAY so if you have been like reading this, I have not kept up with Newgrounds at ALL. I don't use it for music anymore, I still play games and watch movies here I love this website but my music will not go on here anymore. Fear not, I still make music but I put it on Youtube or Soundcloud. I have an EP coming out soon called Liquid Winter and it will be soothing for the ears, trust me. So just keep updated with me on these links:

So I have opened up a Youtube Channel for those who like to subscribe to things n such....yeah!
You've probably noticed I have a beautiful looking profile picture that i use for other pictures like my Facebook and Soundcloud too. This was made by the wonderful Elastar and she did a great job on this picture. I love working with her, and she recently opened a Newgrounds account so there's nothing on there right now but soon there will be. So click these links follow, subscribe, like, kick, punch, eat me!

Also new EP coming out soon, not sure what to call it but it'll be mainly metalstep and such. If you go to my Soundcloud, you can listen to a preview of "When I Leave." Its metalstep and I likey gusta it :)

Inspirational remix

2012-03-17 11:02:46 by Elevation10

Now I dont know why but I don't really like this blogging stuff but I feel like I need to start doing this, even if no one reads it. Anyway one of my favorite bands out there, Enter Shikari, kinda not really recently came out with and album I got like the first day it came out called Flash Flood of Colour. It almost made me a man. But there was a track on there called Stalemate and it just called out to me. So I made a Liquid DNB remix of it, theres a preview on my profile but Newgrounds wont let me upload the full version I finished. So just go on my SoundCloud :)


I also have a Facebook Fanpage, check that out and like if ya want
Facebook Fanpage


My Youtube Channel

2011-06-04 14:03:25 by Elevation10

youtube channel
So here's my youtube channel guys, i like to dance hiphop and I'm in a crew now. Check out the Purple Elephant Society :D Oh and subscribe to my channel plz, and check out my music here on newgrounds